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I would like my due date to update based on status

A date requested is already added when previous data is entered. due date should equal requested date. When a status is updated

"Waiting on vendor" it adds 3 days to the current day that this status was selected once complete the status will change to

"Waiting on funding" it will then add another 3 days once that status was selected for that step .

What formula do I add so that it will automatically update the dates.


  • bisaacs
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    Hi @Jett,

    If I understand you correctly, you want a due date that equals the requested date when submitted, adds 3 days from the date that status was changed to "Waiting on Vendor", and then when the status changes to "Waiting on Funding", it adds 3 days to when that status is changed?

    If that's correct, I think you'd want to have a column to keep track of when the order status is changed (so maybe a Status Change Date)?

    Then, for the due date, a formula like this should work:

    =IF(Status@row = "Ordered", [Requested Date]@row, WORKDAY([Status Change Date]@row, 3))

    Hope this helps!

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