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The ability to use Placeholders in Update Requests


Please enable the use of placeholders in subjects and message fields on update requests.

I recently found that when you use placeholders (the field names in braces, e.g. {{Project Name}}) in the subject line or the message field of an update request, it sends the default text. This is very problematic because it does not allow you to send your message for context or clarification, and it also accentuates the issues of (1) not being able to mention a field via placeholder (there is a ticket already for that - and (2) include a field in a non-editable format on an update request (any field included can be updated which is confusing).

For context, this is the message I got back from support regarding how it currently works:

  • The message field currently contains placeholders -- will provide screenshot below
    • If there are placeholders entered in the custom message for a time-based Update Request, no custom message is sent.
    • For reference, please see Tips for working with placeholders
  • If placeholders exists either on the subject or the message itself, the field (subject, message) where placeholders exists revert to the default message > "Please update my online sheet"
  • The example the customer shows (first attempt, contains customized message) in the recording does not contain placeholders
    • The placeholders were likely added after that first 'successful' workflow run to the customized message in the workflow. The customer confirmed they had changed a number of things in the workflow logic as well since that notification (the example with the customized message included) was sent out.

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