TO DO LIST follow up via general meeting list


Hallo en good afternoon ,

All the meetings within TVP we list them up into a Smarthseet.

Grid is named by meeting follow up…. Into the sheet we have created different intern customers.

This makes that we have a report per intern customer , so you can work easily in meetings with a structure.


As you see below


Build up in Workspace between the MGMT





Into the meeting Follow Up grid I have a column assigned to.

This one I want to use for each responsible person inside our company.

 So when assign some meeting point to MisterX into colomn assign to then i want to have the full lign visibile to Mister X TO DO list

But Mister X is not a part of workspace .

So when I create a TO DO based on the Meeting Follow up grid, Mister X cant see is his to do list as he is not a member of Meeting Follow up grid.

Do you have tips ?



Alan Wyns