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I was wondering if anyone has a template for tracking manufacturing build plan. For example I have a device that requires 11 different sub-assemblies before a finished product can be completed.

To have a continuous build of 20 finished units per months I need to have at least 5 of each sub-assemblies built per week. What would be the best approach to complete this? I'm thinking something like the attached, but for adding future months and weeks it doesn't seem ideal.


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    Hey @jvalerio,

    So each assembly listed needs to be built at least 5 times/week or 20/month? I created a sheet that looks like this that you might be able to use as a template:

    The "At Risk" row uses this column formula to determine if it's at risk (I guessed on this, feel free to change this to whatever):

    =IF(AND(WEEKDAY(TODAY()) >= 3, [% Complete]@row < 0.5), "AT RISK", "")

    Parent row formulas are as follows:

    • Status: =IF([% Complete]@row <> "1", "In Progress", "Complete")
    • % Complete: =SUM(CHILDREN()) / COUNT(CHILDREN())
    • # of Units Built: =SUM(CHILDREN())

    The Status formula I also used in the children rows as well.

    I tried exporting this to Excel but it didn't retain any of these formulas when I exported.

    Hope this helps!

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