Reports - not identifying the columns correctly


Hi Everyone,

We pull the sales figures out of the finance system then upload to Smartsheet, with effect that the Column names are exactly the same, however when we create a report with 2 sheets ( March & April) it brings the column names in twice, for instance I select the 2 sheets, then on the columns it will say "QTY" and underneath that one again "OTY" I have deleted and retried, I have copied the headings from the one sheet to the next and it is still doing it but only on 2 columns,


  • Isaac A.
    Isaac A. Employee Admin

    Hi @Roxanne,

    Thanks for sharing your query and providing the screenshot. It looks like we might have a simple fix for the duplicate column names issue.

    To avoid those duplicates in your row report, it's important to ensure that both the column names and column types match across your sheets. Sometimes, even if the names are the same but the types differ, duplicates can sneak in when selecting columns, see Select columns included in a report.

    Keep in mind that there's a distinction between multi-select dropdown and single-select dropdown, as they're considered different types, see Column Type Reference. Hope this helps you out! Let me know if there are any doubts.