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Few months back I was able to create a Data Shuttle with Smartsheet file as the source. See below for the screenshot.

Today when I select a Smartsheet file as the source, I am getting source error and can't create the Data Shuttle. What got changed?

See below for the "new" Source sheet screenshot. More choices to fill.

When I select the Sheet, I am getting the below error message.

No selection in the Source field. Anyone having the same issue?

csv file work, but sheet doesn't.


  • Isaac A.
    Isaac A. Employee Admin

    Hello @PTT,

    Thank you for posting about your recent experience with Data Shuttle. The error message you're encountering usually indicates that the workflow is having trouble accessing the source file. Here are some steps you can take to address this:

    1. Check Source File Requirements: Ensure that the file you're trying to use meets the requirements to be used as a source. For shared drives, make sure you have at least Editor permissions. Note that Data Shuttle doesn’t support open XML-based XLSX files. Additionally, the source file should not exceed 1 GB in size.
    2. Make sure your file doesn't have a blank first row in the source.
    3. Create a New Workflow: If the issue persists, try creating a new workflow from scratch. Sometimes, starting fresh can resolve underlying issues.
    4. Browser Troubleshooting: Clearing your browser's cache and cookies or trying a different browser might also help resolve the issue.

    Regarding Smartsheet Attachments, ensure you have at least Viewer permissions for the sheet. You can choose whether you always want to import the most recent attachment or an attachment with a specific name. See Create an upload workflow in Data Shuttle for more details on this topic.

    If the problem persists after trying these steps, it would be a good idea to reach out to Smartsheet Support they'll be able to troubleshoot this with you in a private channel. Please provide them a copy of the source file experiencing issues, the source sheet URL, and screenshots of your workflow setup to help our team diagnose and resolve the issue efficiently.

    I hope this information helps!