How to notify form submitter that their request was approved/denied?



I have made a smartsheet form for travel requests. I would like to notify the submitter of the form when their request is either approved or denied. I made a column for "Employee Email" as a contact list. I have also created an automation for the approvers, but if I click on "Alert Someone" when the request is approved/denied, if I choose the "Send to Contacts in a Cell" will that go ONLY to the person's email in that row? or does it go to the entire contact column?

Does Smartsheet already automatically send the decision back to the person who submitted the form? or do you have to manually set this up as described above?

Thank you!


  • bisaacs
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    Hey @MandyKrez,

    It will only send an email to the email contact listed in that row if that's who you designate as the receiver of the alert.

    When setting up these kinds of alerts I always have the trigger be the Approval column changing to "Any Value", then I use conditional blocks for if its Approved or Declined, then send the appropriate email for each decision to the Employee Email.

    Hope this helps!

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