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Smartsheet Automation Last Conditional Path Allows Smart Continuous Loop


I have a Smartsheet Form for a Quiz. Each Question is a Column with Column Type = Dropdown List restricted to the selection availability.

For each Question (Column), there is a 1:1 relationship assignment of Automation Template "Change a cell value when specified criteria are met" which assigns 10 points for correct answers otherwise 0 points.

I have an Automation Template "Copy a row to another sheet when specified criteria are met" to consolidate and maintain the Quiz Result archive. I want this to be the FINAL Automation that executes. I have the 1st Conditional Path to ensure the row has either 10 or 0 points registered for each Question (Column). Otherwise, I want to be able to point the Automation back to the top of the Condition Branch of choice until it is able to execute the defined Action.

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