Why am I receiving a microsoft sign in message sometimes?

CMoore ✭✭
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I have embedded a MS Word document onto my dashboard. I own the document and the dashboard. Originally, the document displayed. Then as the day went on, a message displayed indicating I needed to sign in to Microsoft 365 to view the file. I clicked the sign in button, a window opened, but the file still did not display. Can you help me understand what is needed to view the file?


  • Bryan P
    Bryan P ✭✭

    I have the same problem but with a PowerPoint slide deck. The PowerPoint was showing in the dashboard earlier this week but now the prompt to sign into MS 365 is displayed. I get the same behavior when I click the sign in button. A window opens temporarily then goes away and leaves the sign in prompt. Not sure if this is a Smartsheet issue or something that has changed with Windows. I reached out to Smartsheet Tech Support but they were unable to help and suggested it was potentially an issue with SharePoint or Windows. When I view the dashboard on an iPad using the Smartsheet iOS app it shows a link that when selected opens the PowerPoint in Safari. This indicates to me that it isn't a problem with SharePoint. I am running Windows 10 with the latest updates. I am using Chrome and tried it in normal and incognito mode with the same results. Also, tried MS Edge but no change in behavior.

  • RPisarek
    RPisarek ✭✭✭

    Yesterday I started to experience something similar. Web shows the PowerPoint but the desktop app says I need to sign in to view the file. Same dashboard!

  • Jason P
    Jason P ✭✭✭✭

    Hi All.

    Could it be in Google? Recently (few months) Google updated part of its code to stop autologin on some extensions. We operate on a cloud based server, prior to the update clicking login opened the cloud whereas now Google blocks the links seen as a Insecure Download. Our option is to keep the file it offered, on doing so the cloud opens. Out IT Dept cannot overide.


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