Sending out Dashboards vs Sheets via email


We used to be able to send out our dashboards via email by using the share button - there was an email option which is now gone. There is an option to send out sheets via email but not the dashboard - the ONE thing we want to send out and what our project teams have been used to getting for 5 years. Does anyone know why this changed and will we be getting the option on dashboards? See pic. Thanks!


  • Will Jeffords
    Will Jeffords ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Jo McEvoy, I'm wondering if you used to send pdf attachments of your dashboards via email?

    If so, I'm interested to know why you would not just share a link to the dashboard and let your viewers navigate to it so they don't miss any real-time updates.

    I can tell that the "send as attachment" for sheets requires you to select pdf or excel as the attachment file type, but I'm not sure what the (now unavailable) feature used to do for dashboards…so I'm guessing just pdf.

    You can still "print to pdf" a dashboard - note, this may make some things like widget titles and headlines appear different than they do on the actual dashboard…and it's just a static snapshot of the dashboard.

    I'm also guessing that Smartsheet recognizes the value of the real-time updates that one gets when viewing the actual dashboard (versus an attached static view of one), and therefore wants to push people to share views (published or limited access when needed) to the live updating dashboard. I tend to agree with this approach, so I'd love to hear if that breaks down in your specific use case somehow.

    Let me know if useful to discuss live quickly…I'd love to help!



  • Jo McEvoy
    Jo McEvoy ✭✭✭

    Hi Will, there was a feature from the dashboard where we could send an email to everyone that the dash was shared to, as well as a spot for note/update, and there was a link attached for them to open the dashboard - it wasn't a PDF. thx!