How to set up sheet for multiple parallel approval groups with multiple approvers in each


So we do document publication on my team.

We route it to different groups depending on the scope of the document and changes needed to it.

The issue is that sometimes a random person will be tagged as an approver and we can't train them all.

I'd like one centralized report they can all go to but since the column names are different and I only want the columns relevant to that person's team to show up I'm having issues.

I also need it so that entries on the main sheet or in the sub-sheet / report are carried over to all the other sheets. Smartsheet doesn't seem to like circular logic.

Things I've tried

  • different reports for each group - works well for the standard reviewers, not good for the one offs.
  • datamesh to "move" the columns to another sheet so the Report column rows can be named the same but… the issue is datamesh seems to be one way.
  • Approval request - doesn't work because we need the approvers to be able to add comments, edit the document, select follow up action routing, etc
  • Dynamic View - seemed like it would be the answer but either I REALLY don't understand the system or it isn't working. So it's probably the first, I've tried adding access through domains, and all that but it just keeps saying they don't have permission.


  • James Keuning
    James Keuning ✭✭✭✭✭

    since the column names are different

    It sounds like your data might not be normalized. I do not understand why different teams have different columns. I can imagine why it is set up that way, but I think a different structure might solve the problem. Are you able to describe the table structure and the nature of the data in the columns. Or (and?) can you describe the functional reasons that your data is set up how it is, i.e. "We set it up this way because we need to do X, and this is the only way we can get Smartsheet to do that."