Need Help with a Formula to Help Generate Chart Widget in Dashboard

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Hey Folks,

I'm trying to create a Chart Widget to show Metrics for how many lines are down due to specific inoperable Status type and thought I had this worked out but am struggling to generate that formula to do just that. So in essence, pull in a Count that references a specific building for how many of any Status type I'm choosing to display in the Chart Widget (ex./ Not Started; In Process etc) for that building. I fiddled with a few formulas including this one: =COUNTIF([Bldg 40]:[Bldg 40], {All Line Updates: Status}@row = "Not Started") as well as the ones in the screenshot below and thought they would do the trick but it isn't pulling up the correct Counts in my Metric feeder sheet.

Here below are some screenshots:

1. Main Sheet collecting Lines and their Status updates

2. Metrics Feeder Sheet for help in Chart Widgets displays

3. Dashboard:

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