Need help with Workflow on a Declined Form


Good Morning,

I am needing help with the workflow on a form that we have .

We have a form that has several workflow approvals. I also have a status column for the final status of the form. If that status column is declined, then I would like to send an update to the requestor to update whatever the approver is asking for. It could be from any column on the sheet that gets declined. Then once the update is made, I would like to retrigger the workflow.

Now, if the approver has declined the form due to it not being an approved request and will never get approved, I don't want to retrigger the workflow.

I can't get out of my head enough to figure out how to make this run correctly. I thought about adding some kind of column so if it is never going to get approved then they check something and it won't retrigger the workflow.

Does anyone have experience with this scenario and can offer some guidance on how to set this up?