Friday Fun - Lunch, Lunch and Today's all about lunch

Humashankar ✭✭✭✭✭

Today's all about lunch, but not just any lunch!

Today, the first Friday in May is School Lunch Hero Day, a day to celebrate the amazing people who fuel our days with delicious meals.

Remember those cafeteria lunches? From trading sandwiches for cookies to the surprise ice cream treat on a hot day, school lunches weren't just meals – they were experiences!

Can you still taste the legendary hot dog and soup combo on a cold day? It was pure comfort food magic!

Let's share some memories!

  • Did you ever trade your lunch with a friend?
  • Do you have a favorite school lunch memory?
  • Who remembers the joy of a surprise ice cream on a hot day?

Did you know these meals were made by our dedicated School Lunch Heroes?

Maybe you even thanked them with a note or a poster? Let's use today as a chance to recall about those delicious meals and the incredible team who made them happen!

So, what are your favorite School Lunch Hero memories? Share them below!



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