Max/Min Axis Value on graph


I'm trying to not have the values not have decimal places. Also im trying to have the min value of the y axis to 80% and not 95%. How would i do it?



  • Jgorsich
    Jgorsich ✭✭✭

    The inclusion of decimal places is based off the the displayed resolution of the data you are graphing - change it to not display tenths of a percent and it won't graph them. Note that if you WANT the data to display more resolution than the graph, just add a helper sheet somewhere that pulls the data in, reduce the resolution there, and then graph from the helper sheet.

    By default for the Y scale you've got two choices - it can bounce back to 0% or scale according to your data. However, you can spoof this by having a fake inclusion in each month (or add a fake month) that has the entry you want to determine the scale from - and then change the display color of that one to white so it doesn't look like it is there on the graph. I've done this when trying to make an adaptive but aligned y axis scale across multiple graphs on a dashboard - just add data set to the min and max you want the y axis to be at, include that data in the graph, but then set the color to match the background.