Metric sheet filter for Dashboarding


Hello: I have a Metric Sheet that I use to feed data into a stacked column graph in the dashboard. The Metric Sheet has rows and rows of data each with a Totals column. For those rows with 0 in the Totals, I exclude them in the data for the stacked column graph. I've tried to apply a filter which removes the 0's so that those data records won't be sent over to the dashboard; but that filter didn't work. In other words the 0's show up in the stacked column graph unless I manually delete those rows. Is there a way to have the filter work so that I don't have to always delete those 0's rows each time the data is updated?


  • Mark.poole
    Mark.poole ✭✭✭✭✭

    Try building a report of the metric sheet specifically for the dash board. Then you can filter out what ever you need. I have had to use this solution a couple of times.

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  • SaumyaKB

    Thanks! But then there's another problem. The Report doesn't let you create a stacked column graph in the dashboard. Only a Metric Sheet allows the creation of a Stacked Column Graph. I'm stuck it seems.