Email received from Form to say "'user' via Smartsheet"


Hi all,

when a user, that a smartsheet and the respective form to be filled out were shared with, fills out the form and submits it, emails received in Outlook say:

— that would be me, but other users are the ones filling out the form and submitting it but it still shows my name (since I am the sheet owner).

For the above to happen, I configered the message and had selected "Send from triggering user". I was under the impression, that the "triggering user" was the person filling out the form. In the form that person also is required to select their email address in a drop down.

I already configured the subject line in the automation to say: {{Request Type}} submitted by {{SNet Rep}} and that DOES work and arrive correct, and as expected, in Outlook.

The only thing that doesn't work is, that the "header" of the email says - no matter who fills out the form - "Martin Maschke via Smartsheet".

What would I need to do, to have my name changed the person's name, that actually fills out the form and submits it?

THANK YOU ALL in advance!



  • dojones
    dojones ✭✭✭✭

    Use a Requested By column in your form or maybe use the Submitter column. Then just send from Smartsheet Automation.

    Request Submitted by {{Requested By}} or use {{Submitter}}

  • Martin_M

    Hi and thank you for your reply.

    If I select "Send from Smartsheet Automation" from the drop down menu, the emails are received saying:

    "Smartsheet Automation"

    Before I had the option "Send from triggering user" selected and emails would arrive like this:

    Since I'm the owner of this smartsheet, the option "…triggering user" would show only my name in the line "Martin Maschke via Smartsheet" and not the person's name that filled out a form that then populated the smartsheet.

    Is there a way, to make the first portion (the one that shows "Martin via Smartsheet") show the person's name, that fills out the form?

    If I have the option "Send from Smartsheet Automation" selected, it shows their name in the second portion as "… request submitted by …", as you had suggested in your reply, and that's ok. I'd like to see their name in the first portion, though. That might not be possible.

  • dojones
    dojones ✭✭✭✭

    I don't think it's possible to change the triggering user to another name. You could word the second line to say anything you want (with "request submitted by"), but first line appears to be limited.