Can I copy cells to another sheet without creating duplicates?


Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some help with automation.

STEP 1: I want to copy row data from one sheet ("Sheet A" for simplicity) to another sheet ("Sheet B") when a status column is changed to green.

STEP 2: I ALSO want to copy row data from "Sheet A" to "Sheet B" when an attachment is added.

By nature, STEP 2 will happen AFTER STEP 1 has been completed, and row data has already been copied to "Sheet B."

I have both automations built; however, this creates duplicate entries in "Sheet B."

Is there a way to complete STEP 2 without creating a duplicate entry? Can I somehow copy the attachment to "Sheet B" and tie it to the existing row that has already been copied over?



  • Mark.poole
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    edited 05/06/24

    A work around for this Is creating a flag that removes the original copy from sheet b to a "Trash Sheet" when the new copy is added. To accomplish this Use a unique identifier in sheet A. When it gets copied to sheet B. You can do a flag using this formula.

    IF(Created@row = Max(Collect(Created:Created,[Unique ID]:[Unique ID],=[Unique ID]@row)),1,0)

    Then create a work flow when rows are added or changed when "Flag column" changes to any Value. A Condition of "Flag Column" is not equal to 1. Move Rows to what ever the "Trash Sheet" Is. See Ex.

    Just be sure to empty out the trash sheet every so often.

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