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DYNAMIC VIEW header instructions.


The dynamic view is a great way to share information and collect information from a wide audience without " sharing" each individual or group to a sheet or report.

By definition, the users I share information with are casual users of Smartsheet, or this Dynamic view may be their only interaction. It would be great if we could add a text box (rich text would be even better) at the top of the Dynamic view, to the right of the view's name.

We have the "i" information, where we can add a description, but the user has to know they need to hit the "i". It would be helpful to display some explanation and/or instructions that a user could see as they initially land on the page.

Even an Option to Display the Description at the top.

Even if it was a limited number of Characters, stating "for an explanation, hit the "i" button"

I am a great believer in views being intuitive, since users have to deal with a plethora of different tools, all a user should need is a URL/link to get going.

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