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I run a business and cooperate on a B2B basis with 10 different companies(sole proprietorship).I want to make it so that everyone who wants to cooperate with me will buy access to the Pro Plan

Can I do that?

Do I need to buy Pro Plan licenses for everyone if the companies I work with have buy themselves?

The issue is that all companies must edit cards, add a files as a attachment in cards witch I created and shared with them, then I want to download documents to my computerWhen I want to add a user to my account who has bought the Pro Plan itself, the window below show

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  • PCG Sam Harwart
    PCG Sam Harwart ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Mat / @LessEnergy ,

    If you only need them to edit items and add/download attachments, they don't need a license at all! You can share the items with them with editor permissions and they'll be all set. They only need a license in your plan if they are going to create objects (sheets/reports/dashboards) or modify the structure (add/remove columns, edit dashboards).

    That should save you some money!


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