Can't Covert to Column Formula


I am trying to convert some formulas to column formulas, but the feature is greyed out and will not let me. Is this because of the way it is written, or the type of formula being used?

Two specific scenarios are as follows:

  1. Target Duration - formula is: =IF([Project Type]@row = "Quote", 10, IF([Project Type]@row = "Profile", 5, IF([Project Type]@row = "Schedule", 5, IF([Project Type]@row = "Special Project", 15, "False"))))
  2. Actual Duration: =IF(ISBLANK([Actual End Date]@row), "TBD", (NETDAYS([Start Date]@row, [Actual End Date]@row)))

…The other formulas I was able to make column formulas as indicated by the icon.


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