How are you automating S-curve graph in Smartsheet?


I understand that Smartsheet does not currently have an in-built S-curve capability.

Has anyone been successful to create a more automated S-curve graph since the project trackers is already capturing the dates and progress?


  • C. Sullivan

    I don't know about "fully" automated. But you can build an S-Curve, but it is more static in terms of time displayed. So, I have one that shows a number of submissions per month according to the fiscal year.

    I have a calculation sheet that lists the months, COUNTIFS formula, a =TODAY() column formula on the source sheet, I have a FY extraction on the date submitted, and then one for the =TODAY() column. To tie it together, I then I have a logic column that filters stuff out if they don't match. I also have a column to extract the month from the date submitted.

    On the calculation sheet, the "Current FY" check box is part of the formula.

    It's about 4 helper columns, and a calculation sheet. That's just a way I've gotten close.

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