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Hi there,

For a little back story so you understand what I am trying to achieve. We train our shop floor employees and have a three-step process for each station they achieve. The current sheet they are using to track these completions is very manual. Two columns for the dates they were trained on which type and the "completed" column. The third step in the process is manager recommendation.

I am needing the step one and two to automate with the red and yellow symbol when a date is entered. Since the third step is manager recommendation, we figured that portion would have to be manual but would like the other two to be automatic. Also, if there are no dates, would like that to be the grey circle (see attached picture).

Let me know if you need more explanation, thank you!


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    Hey @karawelcome,

    So based on your photo, if the first column ("Training") is blank, you want it to be red. But then I'm confused about the difference between yellow and green? When would it be yellow vs green, as the photo provided shows both date columns completed.

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  • karawelcome

    Hi there,

    Sorry for the confusion, hopefully this clears it up.

    Red - only has one training column completed (either training column based off how we do things around here)

    Yellow - has two training columns completed without a manager's recommendation to move forward (each employee will eventually move on, so it is just a waiting game on)

    Green - has two training columns completed with a manager

    's recommendation to move forward (we figure this portion will have to be manual)

    Grey - If nothing is completed yet