Prepopulating some lines in a Form


Hi Smarsheet Community,

We need your help PLEASE! We have a master sheet and created a form to send to each line within the master sheet, asking them to answer additional questions. Is it possible to show some of the data in certain columns as a summary or reference for the individual updating the additional information?


  • Leah Rankin
    Leah Rankin ✭✭✭

    Not sure if this is exactly what you're trying to do, but an update request might meet your needs better here than a form. Is it going to a specific person? That would allow them to see the information in the fields you include in the form (although it would also allow them to edit it, not sure if that is desirable or not) and then fill in blank ones. I do not believe there is a way in Smartsheet to feed information into the form, especially if it will be line by line.