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Allegra Silcox
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Hi Community, 

Ever been in a meeting when suddenly your boss asks a question you weren’t prepared for? Well, we are very excited to announce that Enterprise users now have access to the new AI tool, analyze data, which lets you create ad hoc charts and metrics on the spot. No more meeting follow-ups — get instant, clear insights about your form intake, project tracker, or any sheet by asking plain language questions. 

  • Analyze your sheet by asking a simple question like “how many projects are active?”, and Smartsheet will return a metric. 
  • Visualize data by asking questions like “create a pie chart showing projects by department” and Smartsheet will generate a chart. 
  • Refine results by asking follow up questions like “what about by department by year?” or “create a pie chart” 
  • Explain the results so you can be confident the AI interpreted your needs correctly, or ask it for further refinements accordingly.

This intuitive, conversational approach to data analysis not only enhances your understanding but also empowers you to make informed decisions swiftly and efficiently, skipping the manual analysis.

Get started by opening any sheet where you have Viewer or higher permissions then click the Generate with AI Tools icon in the right rail. Select “Analyze data” and ask a question about your sheet in simple terms. Learn More

Register for the June 4th Become an AI Tools Pro webinar full of demos, tips, and tricks for using AI tools, including the new analyze data tool.

Feedback on AI tools:

  • Your feedback is especially important for features powered by AI. The Smartsheet product team uses aggregate feedback and ratings to improve the feature to deliver better results.
  • Use the in-app upvote or downvote buttons to provide feedback on individual responses. Enter additional details into the comment box that appears to help us better understand why it was helpful or not and what you were trying to accomplish
  • For more information on how Smartsheet protects your data, including your feedback responses, review our whitepaper

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Environments availability: Commercial US

Plan type availability: Enterprise

Note: some orgs have chosen to opt out of AI at this time. If you do not see AI tools enabled in your account, check with your admin or Customer Success Manager. 

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Happy charting!

Allegra Silcox

Sr Product Marketing Manager, AI



  • Will Jeffords
    Will Jeffords ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Allegra Silcox I know this is a huge work in progress, but I'm very happy that Smartsheet was willing to share it relatively early with us - I find it fun to start with the AI Analyze approach even when I know how to design a chart or analysis manually. Sometimes it is quick to give an excellent result, but even when it is not - it puts me in a fresh mindset concerning how to think about the tool I want to create or modify. Thank you!