Autofill child row cells with information from parent rows



I am trying to get my Smartsheet to autofill information in some cells based on the parent row. The sheet is mainly viewed in card view so when my teammates add subtasks they don't fill in basic info like the team working on the project since that is already in the parent task card.

I tried a basic =parent but that wipes out the data from the row and then information cannot be entered into the column which my team needs to be able to do.

In my current sheet I have a Team column and then a Team Helper column which contains a =parent([Team]@row) formula so the team is pulled in the child rows. Is there a formula or automation is can use to then pull the helper column information back into the Team column so then the information is automatically entered? Or do I need to add another column?? Open to any suggestions!


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    Hi @kendallmar

    Your problem sounds similar to breadcrumbs in reports showing where a child or grandchild tasks below.

    The Breadcrumbs columns show all the ancestor's tasks using the following formula:

    =JOIN(ANCESTORS([Task Name]@row), "> ")

    The ANCESTORS function gives you all the ancestor's tasks as a range, and the JOIN function joins the texts with a delimiter, "> ", in this case.

    Below is what it looks like to turn the sheet to card view.

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