Generate Document Automations Errors with Modified Column


Hi all,

I'm encountering some issues with my generate document automation - The overview is:

I have a sheet with a form input (Sheet A) and a main log (Sheet B) - the intent is to have users fill out the Sheet A form with each inspection, and that info is index collected into Sheet B to keep it clean and not have all the row entries on there cluttering it up.

Sheet B also has some static columns that remain the same at all times, and some formula columns that change based on the updated info from indexed columns. It's the same 26 structures repeatedly being inspected so I am using an INDEX MAX COLLECT and some helper columns (autonumber and a Created date type) in Sheet A so Sheet B recognizes key identifiers to properly update.

Here's the problem: In Sheet B I've also set up a mapped .pdf to generate a new report each time certain info is updated in Sheet B. The idea is when the Latest Inspection Date Col is updated per form entry (in Sheet A), then it generates a new report with the row's updated info.

The problem is that the generate document automation I've set up won't seem to run on ANY of the columns, and while it saves and gives no error in setting UP the automation, it just won't trigger. I can manually generate documents but we need it automated for sure.

I realize it doesn't want to automate from any cross-sheet references or cell links, so those columns are out - so then I tried to create a Modified column and have it automate whenever the modified date/time changes to 'any value'. Still nothing.

So my question is:

A) How can I automate a generated document from this situation? The only things that could trigger are what changes, but the only things that change are direct cross-sheet references, or formulas (ex. Col A [cross-sheet, Date type] updates, and then Col B [Date type, formula 'Col A + 365'] updates per that)

B) Does it not consider a (smartsheet pre-set) Modified column update to BE a change to the row?

I originally set this all up using Data Shuttle before I realized I was only in 'Evaluation Mode' and unfortunately no luck on convincing the higher-ups to eat that massive cost. Sadly it worked like a DREAM with Data Shuttle (of course.. sigh) and meshed the info / generated the documents no problem.

Any ideas would be appreciated, thank you!


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