Editing a form submission & approval flow not working



I am trying to build a form and some automation. When I tested the form (me as the requestor and me as the approver) I was able to reject my own form and then I got an option to submit updates but when I do this I can see columns on the tracker that aren't on the form and worse is that I can approve my own updated form which is not how I need it to behave. Once the form is live the requestor and approver will be two different people and so the requestor should never be able to approve their own form entry, I have attached some pictures. I have tried locking the columns but it doesn't do anything.

Also on the automation I have set up a workflow so that it triggers approvals and I have set it up so if the approver rejects it requests more information from the requestor, currently when that request is made another email is sent to the approver again even though the requestor hasn't made any changes yet. What I really need is a way for the approval workflow to only fire once the requestor has made any change. When I look at adding a condition I am not sure how I can add 'any change' as its asking me to pick a column, help :) I have attached some images.

Link to tracker: https://app.smartsheet.com/sheets/7xGJjrWJXQ7j82GrGHMGg4q3qrqj9x7PG4hv9rH1


  • Mark Rojas
    Mark Rojas ✭✭✭

    I dont have an answer for your whole question but for update requests within our system I selected the "Specific fields" selection and picked the appropriate columns for the update to match our intake form. Assuming your approval columns are excluded from your update request selection they should no longer have access to approve their submission.