Dashboard image gallery widget?


I am looking for a workaround to show multiple images on a dashboard. Any suggestions?

I want the ability to show weekly progress photos, preferably in a gallery format. Currently, we have a link that takes the client off the dashboard, which is not ideal. Just curious how people are working around this limitation. Thanks



  • Will Jeffords
    Will Jeffords ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Jef Forward ,

    To keep people on your Dashboard and yet manage a gallery of images, I suggest using an actual grid sheet to organize the images the way you want to display (in the fields, by right-click the cell, insert image,…) and then add a widget of the sheet itself to your Dashboard. Here's a super rough example of what I mean just to give the basic idea:

    You would want to carefully format both your grid where the images are put into the cells "gallery style" and the Dashboard Web Content Widget to which you are publishing the sheet with the images, but this is a viable work around if you want to keep people on the Dashboard and not have to manually adjust a bunch of image widgets every time you want to update/refresh the progress image contents. Might also be useful to have the grid sheet if you want to have other narrative data like week name/number, site, project, etc. where the pertinent subdivision of pics is laid out on that row just as an example.

    Let me know if you want to brainstorm through this further. Hopefully this helps in some way!

    All my best,