Create new rows in Sheet2 as soon as a column is updated in Sheet1


Hi Team,

I am facing a unique problem and unable to find a direct solve for it. Seeking help from the forum here.

I have a sheet [lets say Sheet1], with 30 columns, out of which there is a multi-select dropdown column [say 'Impacted_Countries' with all countries listed]. When the row is initially created, this column will be empty. Later, an user can select more than one country in this column and save. Let us say, the user has selected "USA", "Australia" in Impacted_Countries column for a given row and saved Sheet1.

My target here is: I want to create 2 new rows in Sheet 2 [different columns], 1 row each for USA and Australia.

Can you please let me know if there is an automated way in Smartsheets to achieve my target. I am a fully licensed user. Tried using Data Shuttle, but the multi-select does not seems to be possible? Can someone help me here?

Thank you.



  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @real.ChaM

    Do you know if Bridge Premier App is included in your license?


  • Brian_Richardson
    Brian_Richardson Overachievers

    It's a pain, but you could setup a "when changed" automation for each and every country, that watches for that country to be added to to the dropdown and then copies the row.

    Outside of that, as Kelly said, Bridge is probably your option here. With Bridge you can trigger the workflow on changed row or that specific changed column, then pull the array of choices and send that array to a child workflow as "Number of Runs". Basically this creates a for-each loop in Bridge that will run a child workflow once for each country selected. The second child Bridge workflow would then have a "Add Rows" or "Copy Rows" step that would put a row in your second sheet and use the singular country value for the row.

    If people are changing the selections around, then you have extra complication but can resolve this with the same bridge workflow, just add a step in the second workflow to first do a Search Sheet on the second sheet for the source row information + the country selected. If it already exists then exit, if it doesn't already exist then add.




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