Workspace access with group access



I have setup access for a team of people that need to view an entire workspace. This same team will need edit access to individual worksheets. I set the workspace access individually, but created a group to assign the edit access to various sheets. The workspace access is taking precedents over the edit access when using a group. I know if I set the edit access by individual, it will work fine, but I'm trying to avoid that by leveraging a group.

Has anyone experienced this working with groups in the past? Do I need to use the group for both the workspace and then the individual sheets for the group to work?

Thanks for any feedback! Paula


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @plagambina

    The highest sharing permission will take precedent, regardless for if you share it through a Group or as an individual Share.


    Viewer (Shared Individually to entire workspace)

    Sheet 1

    Viewer (default Workspace)

    Sheet 2

    Viewer (default Workspace)

    Sheet 3

    Viewer (default Workspace)
    + Editor (Group shared to sheet)

    This would give the user Editor permissions on Sheet 3, but only Viewer Permissions on the other sheets. If you don't see this right away, they may need to exit the Workspace and come back into it to "refresh" the sharing permissions they have.

    If an individual user is saying they're not seeing the higher permission, I would double check that the correct email address / account was added to the group.


  • plagambina

    Hi Genevieve,

    What you describe above is exactly what I was expecting to see. It did not work. I had to use the group for everything. Meaning, I removed the individual viewer access to the workspace and replaced it with the viewer per the group. Then everything worked fine. I was doing a screenshare with the user along the way to see the behavior that was in place and then how it changed when I used the group for everything.

    Thank you - Paula