Share link as part of automated alert message


Hi all!

As part of an automated notification message, I need to share the link to the receipient and since we cannot insert links on the notification alert, I read about the option to place the link on a colum and selected as part of "Message includes section" to include such field on the notification. However, I run into the issue that I have a autonumber colum, so if I place the link and drag it across all rows, it will trigger the autonumbering column. Any suggestion on how else I can accomplish the following:

  1. Share a link with the notification recepient, or
  2. Have a way to populate the link on the column only at the time the autonumbering is triggered (though a form submission) and be able to include it on the notification.

Hopefully my explanation was clear ☺️

Thanks in advance!


  • Jason Hamman
    Jason Hamman ✭✭✭
    edited 05/16/24

    • While the automated email template is drafted as plain text, the recipient's mail client will often see URLs and convert them to hyperlinks. I currently use to create short URLs to the source sheet and insert the URL into the email template. End result: Recipients have a clickable hyperlink in the email they receive.
    • Rather than dragging the formula down, right click a cell with the formula and select "Convert to Column Formula". This will solve your auto number issue. (more info on convert to column formula)