Need Help with Automation with Conditions

Brittanyy ✭✭✭✭
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Hi All,

I need help with my overall Automation.

Goal: to trigger when Overall Status changes to "New Product/Service" or "Pending approval" and when certain conditions are met.

Automation I have: Overall Status changes to "New Product/Service" or "Pending approval"

and when Condition Intake is one of "Yes"

or when Intake/API is not blank or when Intake-Country is not one of US

And where IT Owner "is not blank"

However, I get notified when the Overall Status changes, not when the conditions are met. I tried using "Contains" instead of "One of," but I got the same result. I get notified even when the conditions are blank.

I appreciate the help in advance



  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    If [Intake Country Located] is blank then it is not "United States" which technically fulfills that condition. I personally prefer to use formula in helper columns when my automations have a bunch of conditions or conditions that require both AND and OR such as in your case. You want the OR for when it is not United States, but you also need an AND to say "if it is not United States AND is not blank".

    You can start by putting together your OR statements so that you can include the AND for the county.

    OR([Overall Status]@row = "New Product/Service", [Overall Status]@row = "Pending Approval")

    OR([First Field]@row = "Yes", [Second Field]@row = "Yes", [Third Field]@row = "Yes", ……………..………, AND([Intake-Country Located]@row <> "United States", [Intake-Country Located]@row <> ""))

    Then you can lump both of those together in an AND statement and use an IF to say that if the status is this or that and one of those other fields matches your conditions, then check a box.

    =IF(AND(OR(…….), OR(…….)), 1)