Max & Vlookup , Match, Index or other Formula?


Hi all,

Formula assistance required.

I have a transaction log and I want to evaluate the transaction log to find the latest date(Max formula assumed) and match a cell (Match/ Vlookup / Index / Unsure) in my Summary sheet to pull through the latest transaction information on my transaction log.


Transaction log information

Column 1 = Date(Find the latest submission) , Multiple columns are helper columns with the desired match generated to match my summary sheet (this is multiple different columns to evaluate), the data I want to collect is in the next three columns to the right of the helper cell.

I have almost the 400 columns and the information is batched in 5's so the cell that matches my summary sheet then has the information I wish to gather in the next 4 cells to the right.

Hope that helps and I have explained ok. Help please.

Thanks Rob



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