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I need a formula to count the running total of the Dealer Names as they appear. The current formula I have in Column 14: =COUNTIFS(Dealer:Dealer, Dealer@row) is showing the total times Dealer Name is referenced. In my situation I would need "TriGreen Equipment - Ag & Turf" is referenced twice but has two different budgets associated with the two. I would like this formula to count the first instance TriGreen Equipment - Ag & Turf as 1 associated with the $4,000 budget and the second as 2 associated with $13,578. Is that possible? There could be more duplicates with different budgets in the future so just want to be able to account for them if I have to reference the same Dealers but different information like budget and other columns that could be added.

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    Hey @ConnorForm,

    I would change the range in the first part of the COUNTIF to as follows:

    =COUNTIF(Dealer$1:Dealer@row, Dealer@row)

    This will make it so the count increments only on previously repeated Dealers.

    Hope this helps!

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