How to ingest form elements from one form into another separate form


Hello SS community!

I have built my own "main" form (lets call this Form 1 in the scenario depicted below), which then uses logic to open one of 4 different possible "sub-forms" based on a drop down selection in the main form. Now, there is a separate form, altogether, that another team in my organization has created that I want to "ingest" or "import" those form elements into my forms. That is, I need the form elements from one form brought in to another form so as not to spend a very large amount of time replicating this other department's form elements, and the logic being used therein.

In other words, say we have Form 1 in one department. In my department, I have created Form 2 (main), Form 2a, Form 2b, Form 2c, Form 2d as correlating "sub-forms". I need Form 1's input elements (such as the fields, logic, etc., and NOT outputs that are written to Form 1's associated sheet). Now, I would like to take and ingest/import those Form 1 elements into MY Form 2a, Form 2b, Form 2c, and Form 2d forms.

Is this possible?



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