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Automation - Sharing Capture/Screenshot of Specific Columns for Current User via Email



We use a smartsheet to do our resource loading, with projects being groups of rows, and "Assigned To" being a column, with all columns to the right being upcoming weeks. So you can view who is scheduled to do a certain amount of hours on a project per week.

I am hoping to create a screen capture of the a list of people's upcoming week (a few specific rows and a specific column), and automatically email this screenshot to these people every week. Here's my current automation, which sends them a URL, but the feedback I am getting is that people will not click on the link to activate the "current user" view/filter in our resource loading sheet.

I also attempted to send the "Current User" view as an attachment but that just sends a PDF of my hours to the recipients, for the next 52 weeks or however many columns we have set up in the smartsheet.

I am hoping to automatically and on a recurring basis capture a picture of a specific set of columns allocated to one Assigned To person, and send it in an email to them.

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