Why can't a user upload a file from OneDrive to a form?


Hi there!

I've just released an intake form that has a mandatory file upload. I have one user who can't upload files from her OneDrive. I got her to try and upload from her desktop as a test, and that worked. I haven't had any further reports of this issue from other users. I read a few posts on this and there seems to be an issue with shared OneDrive account uploads, but she has an individual account as far as we can see (same as anyone else). When she tries to upload via the file browser in the form, the "Open" option in OneDrive is greyed out. She can drag the files over to the form, but they don't seem to save, as she's not able to submit the form, indicating that the form didn't register that all submission requirements were met.

Any ideas what the issue might be?


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