How can I create an automation to notify the manager of employees Birthday/work anniversary?


I am creating a Smartsheet to keep track of employee's birthdays and work anniversaries, and would like the Smartsheet to send a notification to the manager when either of those dates approaches.

Any guidance is super helpful!

Thank you!


  • Jason P
    Jason P ✭✭✭✭

    Hey @RBE

    First you'll need to create & name a series of columns: Reminder, Active, Name, Yr Old & Date of Birth.

    Our Reminder [date type] will contain our column formula that becomes the yearly reminder date for an Alert Automation. Our Active [check box] a condition option for people to opt out while still employed, Name, [text/number] Yr Old [text/number] is an option and simply looks at our two dates and finally Date of Birth [date type]

    Paste =IF(ISBLANK([Date of Birth]@row), "", DATE(YEAR(TODAY()), MONTH([Date of Birth]@row), DAY([Date of Birth]@row))) in the Reminder Col. Right click the cell and convert to a column formula. There is no need to ever adjust with the (TODAY()) function looking at current year.

    (option) Paste =YEAR(Reminder@row) - YEAR([Date of Birth]@row) in the Yr Old Col and fill in other data.


    Would this work for you?


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