Chart unable to display selected data


Due to the sheet contains multiple different tables and I only wanted to display the data for this specific section, I was able to have the chart display the data selected I need at first

But after the workflow is ran and the sheet is updated the chart was unable to display the selected data anymore

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  • Vivien Chong
    Vivien Chong ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    @optimusprime123 for the report to capture just the row and columns that you highlighted, you just need to set the filter criteria in the report, for example: When Month is equals to "TOTAL FOLLOWERS FOR 2024". (Alternatively you can also create a helper column, for example: create a column "helper" with checkbox. Check the row that you want to capture. In the report filter criteria, states: When "Helper" column is checked.)

    With this, the report will only pull the row that matches this criteria. In the report, select the 6 columns that you want to see. Then in your dashboard, create your chart with this report as the source.

    Hope it works for you.