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Is it possible to use functions like SUM and COUNTIF for cells whose data comes from a link in another cell? I'm trying but it doesn't work

My current formula is =COUNTIF([Priorité d'entreprise]:[Priorité d'entreprise]; "Red") and the result gives me 0 when it should be 2 (see image below)


  • Anjanesh Vaidya
    Anjanesh Vaidya ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Julie Barbeau,

    Please try the below formula,
    =COUNTIF([Priorité d'entreprise]:[Priorité d'entreprise], "Red")

    I have corrected a minor syntax error. I hope it will work.


    Anjanesh Vaidya

    Smartsheet Development, Ignatiuz Software

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