Best Way to Link Dates between sheets?


We want to pull high-level dates from a project plan to add details on another sheet so it's easier to discuss. For example, we may have 'Topic Meetings' as a single line-item on the overall Project Plan, but on a meetings sheet we would have 'HR', 'Finance', 'Tech', etc. We turned off dependencies on the meetings sheet and I thought that would let me link dates. Should we create hidden columns to bring in the single-line dates as text? Even if so how do we calculate off of it? Use the Predecessors column on the Meetings sheet?

I would love your creative ideas!


Project Plan Sheet . . . Topic Meetings 3/1/24 - 3/15/24

Meetings Sheet . . .

UNDER 'Topic Meetings' we want it to bring in the overall 3/1/24 - 3/15/24, then underneath be able to say that 'HR' is line 1 SS, Finance is line 1 SS+1d, etc.

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  • Protonspounge
    Protonspounge ✭✭✭✭✭

    I am not sure if this is going to be relevant or not but thought I'd share just in case it helps you…

    I have a project plan were I am tracking major milestones a very high level, expect one particular milestone where I need a lot of detail and manage that one milestone in a separate sheet. However, I bring the overall timeline back in to my project plan making use of the duration column…

    My project plan sheet looks like this…

    The milestone that I manage from my "other sheet" is the row with "Regulatory Submission" row

    I populate my [Start Date] in the project plan by cell linking to [Submission Start Date] in my other sheet. To get my [End Date] in the project plan, I have a helper column in my "other sheet" to calculate the [Approval Duration] and I cell link that in to my [Duration] column in my project plan which gives me my [End Date]

    This is how my other sheet is set up….

    Apologies upfront if that is not what you are looking for but it helped me once I worked it out.

  • Annaleah Morrow
    Annaleah Morrow ✭✭✭✭

    I think this is exactly what we are looking to do, and we will try it! Do you have your calculation in one of your date cells? Ours does not seem to access a formula. Perhaps you took it off of a date in the column? I appreciate your help. @kaelynbister @mattjeltema

  • Protonspounge
    Protonspounge ✭✭✭✭✭

    Pleased that my post may be helpful to you 😀

    In my example, I work out the start date in my column [Submission Date] with =MIN([Submission Date]:[Submission Date]) and I do this in the sheet summary tab.

    I work out my end date with =MAX([Approval Date]:[Approval Date]) and again I do this in the sheet summary.

    In my sheet, I bring in the above answers in to two date columns in my sheet with the formula. You may well know this already but just in case [Field Name]# brings in in cells from summary fields of the same sheet.

    Submission Start Date, =[Submission Start Date]#

    Submission End Date, =[Submission End Date]#

    My [Approval Duration] column is just a Test/Number column and returns the number of days between the two dates as per example below.

    I hope that is helpful to you in some way, let me know if you need any further detail.

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