How to get My Smartsheet Contacts to work in Conversations

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I have added a few contacts and they appear in the dropdown for [Assigned To] column

I have successfully used some Automation to notify them of changes for example if a line changes I have it notifying one of the contacts and so on.

this feature seems to work perfectly and the contacts are getting notified when they get assigned or if a line changes

however when I go to Conversations I am literally talking to myself

when I type @Doug for example I would expect him to be "tagged" in the conversation and get an email notification that he could then respond to.

I have tried type my contacts full email or even just a single letter of their name nothing seems to trigger the Link or connection with my actual contacts that I have in my Smartsheet contacts list

I have tried multiple browsers with no success


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    Based my experience, I never have trouble tagging the following two types of contacts in Conversation:

    1. The Smartsheet is shared with that Contact (no matter what access level)
    2. The Contact is within your organization and are Smartshee users

    If it is safe to share, please share the Sheet where you wish to tag a contact with Viewer access (uncheck Notify people if you prefer that they don't know they have access to the Sheet), and give it another try; or try someone else in your organization who is also a Smartsheet user. Good luck!