Smartsheet Automation


We ran an automation to move a row from one Smartsheet to another based on a selected field in a form. Instead of moving only the rows with the selected text, the entire database was moved. Although we manually reverted the move, the date of submission was updated, and the DocuSign status reverted to "sent," which triggered duplicate emails. Is there a way to restore the data to its state before the automation?


  • MMcLain
    MMcLain ✭✭✭✭✭


    That also happens (all rows are moved) any time I run an automation process "manually" by clicking on "run now". If you move the rows back by using "move to another Sheet", the move keeps previous cell history but will change the date as you have also experienced.

    I have not been able to overcome the date issue but to stop triggering duplicate emails or action, please try deactivating the specific automation process in the targe sheet (the sheet you move the rows back to) before moving rows. Good luck!