% Complete Column not working properly using Project Roll and Track Up Template


Hi All

I used the above template and copied a sheet across from a project we were doing but I have noticed the % column is not working into a roll up into the parent rows and only taking certain lines to roll up and not including others in the child row. Example below.

Line 9 is the parent row with Lines 10/11/12/13 the child rows but as you can see only Line 12 has rolled up to Line 9 as a % of the overall task. Advice appreciated as how to resolve. The same scenario has happened on other Parent/Child headers and rows. The other rows do not seem to be included.




  • Purnima Gore_PGPS
    Purnima Gore_PGPS ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Phil.S

    I created a plan using the same template and it appears to be working.

    Could you check that nothing has changed in the % complete in the dependency for the project settings.

    Also check that the indents are working correctly. Have them come under the Modern Logic and then indent them back in.

    Let me know if that works



  • Phil.S

    Hi Purnima

    Firstly thank you for taking the time to do this, I have checked the indents and they do scroll up. I checked the dependencies and nothing has changed on the original setting. If I copy line 12 and add a row below line 12, then the % complete rolls up correctly. I am wondering if something to do with the original parent rows from the template whether I did something that has thrown out a setting by copying this task sheet. Unless I have to remove the baselines and re-set the Project settings.