IT PMO Template RAID Log - why is date conditionally formatted to grey out for action?


I am using the IT PMO template, in the raid log, when you put in type action or decision, it is conditionaly formatted to grey out due date. I changed the formatting to exclude type of Action, but the due date is still greyed out. any idea why and how to ungrey it out? tanks


  • dally_abrazado

    Step-by-Step Guide to Resolve the Issue

    1. First, ensure that the conditional formatting rule you changed is correctly updated and saved.
      • Go to your RAID log in Smartsheet.
      • Click on "Conditional Formatting" in the toolbar.
      • Review the list of rules and ensure the rule excluding "Action" for greying out the "Due Date" is correctly configured and applied.
      • If necessary, delete and recreate the rule to ensure it’s correctly set up.
      • There might be other rules that are causing the "Due Date" field to remain greyed out.
      • Clear formatting and reapply Rules