Merging rows in a master sheet with unique identifier


I have 3 forms (on 3 different sheets) that are collecting information and populating onto one master sheet. The problem is that the 3 forms, leave me with 3 separate rows that all share 1 unique identifier, and I'd rather just have 1 row. I do not control the identifier and there is no way to predict what it will be until it is entered on form 1. Form 2 is then filled out the next day, followed by form 3. They will all use the same identifier from form 1.

Each form fills out different columns (associated with the product) on the master sheet. Can I use a function match to combine the rows that share that unique identifier (product number)? If not, how can I gather all the information into one row?


  • Devin Lee
    Devin Lee ✭✭✭✭✭

    Due to form 1 being the originator of the unique identifier I would add the rest of the columns to sheet 1. There would be no reason to push form 1 data to the "master sheet" as it will become the new master sheet. The original "master sheet" will be a data dump sheet. After you have all the columns you will need to write an INDEX/MATCH formula to pull the data you want into each respective column. After you have one row done you can convert the formulas to column formulas so new rows automatically have the formula in them. Hopefully you don't need to edit the pulled data cause that won't be possible without going into the data dump sheet which is one of the downsides of structuring it this way.

    =INDEX({data dump: desired data column},MATCH(UniqueID@row,{data dump: UniqueID column},0),0)