"Save as New" stopped saving formulas and references


We are using a version of the portfolio management template from Smartsheet that has a project page and a project metadata page that is used for reporting. We have both sheets in a folder that we have been "Saving as New" for about 3 months now and this solution has been working great. About 2 days ago the formulas in our metadata sheet stopped copying as well as some of the formula references used in our Index formulas. We have tried pre-populating the metadata sheet with dummy data to see if it would hold the formula and references when copying, still doesn't seem to work. I've posted a screen shot of the metadata sheet with some additional context.


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    Hi @RHenderson

    Can you please share screenshots of this screen opening all the options:

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  • RHenderson


    Thanks for looking into this for us. I've attached the Copy Settings that we have been using with this process. It has been working for about 3 months with these settings.