How to import multiple rows of contacts to a single multi select contact column


I have a source sheet that has a form that collects email addresses. I want to import these email addresses to a column in another sheet where these emails will be used to grant access to a dynamic view. The Agency Name column in both sheets is the reference column. The contact 1 column in first sheet is a multi select contact column. The issue is if there are multiple rows with the same Agency Name, I am unable to import all the contacts in both the rows.

I have tried data mesh but it only copies the first row it sees a match in (as shown in picture). My first question would be is there a way to copy all the rows with matching lookup values. Please see attached settings of my data mesh.

Another option I have tried is Join Collect which does bring over all the contacts from both rows but doesn't recognize them as contacts. The emails posted show up as plain text. Is there a way to convert these emails to contacts?

I would appreciate any other solution that I haven't thought of yet as well.

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