SSO and external users


We currently have our Smartsheet log on set up with the Options of SSO via Azure AD or email + password. We would like to move to SSO only, but since we have some external email users as consultants, we need to be able to still give access to these emails once we move to SSO only for our corporate users. I have gone over the documentation on Governance and safe sharing and I am not clear on the best way to accomplish my goal. Will simply creating an exempt list with the list of allowed external users be the right solution?


  • eliweitz
    eliweitz ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @Karen Richers ,

    We checked in on this with Smartsheet support ourselves in my organization. Per Smartsheet Support, the "Exempt from Corporate Account Requirement" and "Exempt from MFA Requirement" components of the safe sharing list are intended for external collaborators only. Support provided the example, "A user who's invited to collaborate on a sheet or workspace, but who isn't a member of the organization or domain that owns the sheet or workspace."

    Based on this, it depends on how your organization currently invites external consultants whether this policy applies.